Astronomical Society


Denise Sabatini (dsabatinik2@embarqmail.com)

Vice President:

Victor Farris (vfarris01@gmail.com)

Event Coordinator:
Denise Sabatini (dsabatinik2@embarqmail.com)

Newsletter Editor:
Jacqueline Richards (jmrichards2005@yahoo.com)

Webmaster/ Dark Sky Coordinator:
Michael Usher (usher34105@earthlink.net)

Board Members:
Bill Fries, Victor Farris, Bob Francis, Bob Gurnitz, Rick Piper, Jacqueline Richards, Denise Sabatini, Todd Strackbein, Eric Uthus, Michael Usher, Mary Ann Wallace, Ted Wolfe.

We need volunteers to be on the Board, to be Officers of the Club, and to help at various public displays that EAS does.

If you have an interest, contact Denise at email us.