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Iridium Flares - $1.99
This application lists the Iridium Flares (reflections off satellites) that are visible at your location for the next 7 days. The only necessary thing to see them is a clear sky.

  • List of Iridium Flares for the next 7 days
  • Shows the date and time, the direction, altitude and intensity of the Iridium Flare
  • Uses GPS to know your location, or you can enter your location manually
  • Shows your last loaded Iridium Flares when offline.
  • When selecting your timezone: Daylight saving time has been accounted for.

Jupiter's Moons - Sky & Telescope - $2.99
For any date and time from January 1900 through December 2100, this interactive tool shows the positions of Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto.

Meteors - $0.99
Meteors is a handy utility to show the peak days of the major meteor showers based on the year selected by the user. Date range supported from 1899 to 2101 AD.

Planets - Free
3D guide to the solar system for aspiring astronomers. Sky 2D: locate planets with a flat view of sky; Sky 3D: planetarium style view of the sky; Visibility: find out when planet will be visible; Globe: rotating 3D globe of planets and moon.

AsteroidAlert - Free
Asteroid alert keeps track of asteroids and comets passing relatively close to our planet. For any approaching comet or asteroid, it shows the name, date in which the object will draw closer to Earth, its approximate diameter (estimated on the absolute magnitude of the celestial body), its distance from Earth, and its speed. In addition, the tool shows the most recent approaches and those expected on the following days, with a 7.5 million km. accuracy. An object of approximately 150 m. in diameter approaching Earth will be defined as potentially dangerous. In fact, the Earth gravitational field may lead it towards our atmosphere. All data is directly obtained from the NASA page (NEO Earth Close Approaches) of reference.

Meteor Shower Guide - $0.99
Want to know when the next meteor shower happens? You have found the answer: Meteor Shower Guide is your complete pocket reference to the year's meteor showers. Moon rise and set times listed for forecasted meteor shower date. A 'Today' view to provide Sun and Moon information for the current date. Allows direct entry of location in Adjust Location view.

Solar System - $13.99
An electronic book about the Solar System, offering hours of interactive exploration and presenting a treasure trove of visual information. Best-selling author Marcus Chown leads us on a grand tour through the incredible diversity of planets, moons, asteroids, comets, and spacecraft that surround the Sun in our cosmic backyard. Illuminating his insightful and surprising text are a wealth of beautiful 3D objects, movies, images, animations, and diagrams, all fully interactive, richly detailed and accurately based on real scientific data. Set the heavens in motion in an interactive orrery that allows you to control the orbits of the moons and planets, observing them from any viewpoint with breath-taking surface detail. View the latest imagery returned by both astronauts and robot spacecraft, beautifully presented on the iPad screen.

Mars Globe HD - $0.99
This virtual globe combines a high-resolution satellite map with laser altimeter data and advanced topographic lighting to present the planet Mars as it appears from above. An Introduction and Guided Tour present some of Mars's most intriguing features.

Exoplanet - Free
Exoplanet is a database of all detected extrasolar planets. It includes visualisations and all physical parameters for each planet. Push notifications keep you up-to-date with any announcement of new planets. You can turn off notifications at any time in the Settings App.